I am here to improve your quality of life, by making it healthier and happier.

    I am an RN (nurse), the Lifestyle Medicine Professional, and a certified health coach…


  • I truly care about empowering YOU to take control of your own health journey!
  • I will be right by your side when you are ready to optimise your physical and mental health through sustainable lifestyle changes.

As a nurse and a healthcare professional, I am very passionate about teaching you a self-management and reducing the use of medications for chronic conditions, mostly caused by stress and our modern life. Throughout my healthcare career I have felt that the way forward must be to focus on prevention and holistic approach than to treat the symptoms of a disease using pharmaceuticals.


My passion for ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ led to me completing the Certificate in Lifestyle Medicine which has truly changed my life. I am still amazed that even the basics of ‘Lifestyle Medicine’ were not practiced during my career as a healthcare provider.

In order to address this lack of knowledge I focused my career and healthcare knowledge on holistic life, and that is how I discovered Lifestyle Medicine.

I moved to Spain in 2018 with my husband and my lovely 10 years old daughter Keiara where we enjoy life to the fullest.


EDUCATION: Registered Nurse, MBA in Healthcare Management

HOBBY: creative cooking, traveling, reading a lot, socializing even more, and daydreaming.

STATUS: married with 10 years old daughter Keiara


MOTTO: Enjoy life because is too short. Live simple and healthy. Recycle instead of consuming and invest in relationships.


lost Mediterranean recipes

During my early expedition walks in Granada, I stumbled upon a little antique store. The place was small and tight filled with an old smell from lamps, books, and furniture.

I bought a few old books to decorate my living room after moving to a new apartment. Surprisingly, one of the books was 100 years old cookbook. Thus, I started to cook and test many recipes from this book.  The recipes were simple to cook and super delicious.

And then…

The name of this blog LOST MEDITERRANEAN came to life.

Back then, home cooks didn’t have convenience food. The recipes are made with real, whole-food ingredients. While most of us can’t walk out the backyard, or a farm to select fresh eggs and harvest fresh veggies or fruits for these recipes, we can select the best organic ingredients to craft the best recipe possible. 

These vintage recipes are getting back to the basics – eat as their ancestors had before processing took over the food industry. NO kidding, the cookbooks are indeed, over 100 years old.